TheEyeMakers is a premium service and design driven eyewear and sunglass boutique. The brand was founded in 2008 and we have two branches, one in Morningside, and another in Bryanston. Our passion is to focus on eyecare and individualized consultations and to introduce handmade independent eyewear brands which are unique to us.

Eyewear should be a personal statement, a physical enhancement and a representation of the wearers personality.


Our qualified optometrists have over 30 years experience between them, we have always been passionate about checking your eye’s health and prescription and also to explain your results clearly. We aim to get the most accurate results and ensuring we get you the most optimal vision through your lenses and the comfort from your frames.

There are always new advancements in lens technology that can make a tremendous difference in your visual comfort during a long day at screens. Our optometrists are always willing to discuss all the options in lenses available to you for you to make the best informed decision on your eyewear.

Our Morningside Team

Morningside Staff Shruti
Morningside Staff Kuda
Morningside Staff Mthobisi
Morningside Staff Yamkela
Morningside Staff Carol

Our Nicolway Team