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The Eye Makers Services

Eye Checks

We use cutting edge technology. Visit one of our practises to see how we combine the best that modern technology can offer with traditional optometric techniques. We offer the best of the old AND the new. The eye tests we perform are often used for registration with Discovery Vitality and other medical aids.

Driver's Licence Screenings

We provide screening services for those who have to renew their driver’s licenses. All are welcome. Our screenings are quick and painless!
Note that we offer screening services for skipper licences too.

The Eye Makers Services
The Eye Makers Services

Contact Lenses

We specialise in hard contact lens- and scleral contact lens fittings. Visit us to see our range of coloured contact lenses.

We stock all major brands of daily and monthly disposable contact lenses.

Early Detection of Eye Conditions

We can detect the onset of Glaucoma early. Cataracts often display early symptoms that we can detect. Macular degeneration can be identified and managed appropriately.

Causes for dry eyes can be diagnosed before permanent damage is done.

The Eye Makers Services

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Our optometrists at Bryanston and Morningside are ready to assist you with any optometry related questions you might have.