Glare occurs when too much light enters the eye and interferes with vision. It can be distracting and even dangerous and can occur during the day or at night. Dirty and scratched lenses can exacerbate the effects of glare. Several optical solutions are available. Anti-glare coatings, photochromic, and polarised lenses are very effective against glare.
Have you ever suffered from blurry vision after driving long distances or staring at electronic devices for extended periods of time? Often the best thing to do is to rest your eyes, but finding the time to do so is seldom an option for busy people. Eyewear that has been optimised for the correct viewing distance can help manage the problem.
All lenses have reflections in some shape or form, especially so for high-index lenses. These unwanted reflections make glasses appear less attractive and can cause confusion as it cuts some of the light out that should pass through your glasses. Most of this reflectivity can now be eliminated with the use of anti-reflex coatings.
Plastic lenses have many advantages over glass lenses but its weakness is that it can get scratched more easily. Once scratched the best solution is to replace them. Fortunately there are a number of protective coatings available to make plastic lenses more scratch resistant.

Recent advances in lens technology have lead to products that go a long way to eliminate problems that have plagued lens design. Ask our friendly staff for more information.